Project Description

Vaisnavi Ministry

Vraja Vinoda devi dasi is our Local Women’s Representative at ISKCON Sydney. Interesting fact: the majority of the congregation at ISKCON Sydney is comprised of women. Vraja Vinoda’s role is to assist women on their spiritual journeys by providing support and guidance in matters specific to women in the context of the rich culture and spiritual heritage that is ISKCON.

As the coordinator of some of the women’s services at the temple, she aims to encourage women to get involved in temple activities and culture, to help them understand that they are integral and valued members of our community and to guide them in developing relevant skills to help them in their devotional service. She is also a point of contact for women who may need extra support in challenging times and is able to direct them to the appropriate community services.

Through networking with each other in real time and on social media and receiving support on many levels from multiple platforms, such as our women’s representative, the temple authorities and each other, the women of our community always stand as a powerful voice in ISKCON Sydney.

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